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What is Wood Veneer Recovery Plaque?

Simply put "wood icongraphy" is the fine art of transferring an image to a wood surface. The wood we use is called micro-veneer but is actually far from ordinary wood veneer. It is composed of only the clearest of veneer logs and is as thin and pliable as paper. The development of our PRINTED icons represents extensive R&D and field testing to assure the highest artistic quality and a wood surface that is abundantly suitable as a print medium.

Each icon is printed on a 5"x7" sheet of maple micro-veneer. The print is encased in a frame producing an exquisite product that you will be proud to display anywhere in your home. In addition, we have prepared the backing surface of all our icons so you can remove the icon from the frame and glue it to any display surface you choose.

Each Icon is available with or without a recovery medallion. We leave the choice of the medallion up to you. Select the recovery image and the medallion that you desire and we can help you construct a personal reflection of your journey.

To view a sample of our Recovery prints look in Recovery Prints.

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